Country-wide pellet home delivery

In September, 2021, our company’s pellet home delivery service was launched. Thanks to our dynamic development, once a month delivery is a thing of the past, nowadays we are able to meet the pellet demand of our residential customers with an extremely short deadline, even after 48 hours after order confirmation. Our company undertakes delivery […]

Be careful!

Unfortunately, scammers have abused the name and company data of Pellet Hungary Kft. There have been cases of attempts to deceive people on foreign and domestic websites using our company and its good reputation. Unfortunately, over the past year, various online scams have proliferated: they try to steal the data and money of innocent people […]

European Bioenergy Future 2023 Conference

Pellet Hungary Kft. participated in the conference “European Bioenergy Future 2023” in Brussels. We gained not only valuable experience, but also an important certificate.  Our company has obtained the certificate of “Quality Manager” training and continues to employ a full-time quality inspector in order to guarantee the highest quality of the pellets we produce. At […]

Important information — Winter break!!!

Ordering wood pellets From 15 December to 8 January our colleagues and our machines are on rest. Order deadline: 11 December, 2023 Orders placed no later than this date can still be processed before the end of the year break. Last delivery day this year: 15 December, 2023 This date will be the last opportunity […]

Pellet Hungary Kft., obtained a globally recognized certificate

Pellet Hungary Kft. considers high quality to be its key priority. Nothing proves this better than the fact that the company now has the “A1 ENplus®” certificate, which is an internationally recognized certificate in the field of wood pellet production. The “A1” rating indicates the pellet that meets the highest premium criteria, and the A2 […]

The club of the future has chosen the fuel of the future!

In the season 2023—2024, we became the main shirt sponsors of the Zalaegerszeg Football Club! Last year’s Hungarian Cup winner already ran out on the field on the international cup matches in an outfit with our logo, and does so throughout the season. We believe it is important that in the coming years we do […]

Why is a pellet boiler good?

Pellet heating has many advantages, and it is extremely difficult to compete with it even in terms of renewable energy sources. The wood transformed into “liquid” has made it possible to heat our homes with wood-fired renewable energy, as a result of which it is enough to check our boiler every week. And thanks to […]

We cut into a big tree!

Our company has reached another milestone, as we have expanded our portfolio with one more activity. In addition to pallet elements, we are now also engaged in the sale of wooden pallets, thanks to which we were able to expand our wide range of products. Wooden pallets are the most widespread because, in addition to […]

We started selling spruce pellets

Our company launched its first high-quality wood pellet product on May 1st. Wood pellets are currently one of the best efficient wood fuels in the world, made from a by-product produced during the processing of barked pine bark. Our pellets are specially recommended for pellet fireplaces and stoves. Its ash content is extremely low (0.5%), […]

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