Be careful!

Unfortunately, scammers have abused the name and company data of Pellet Hungary Kft. There have been cases of attempts to deceive people on foreign and domestic websites using our company and its good reputation.

Unfortunately, over the past year, various online scams have proliferated: they try to steal the data and money of innocent people in more and more varied forms. Moreover, these scams are usually done in a professional way to make them as difficult to detect and reveal as possible.

Many times the messages sent by scammers or the websites they suggest resemble, to the point of deception, to the pages of a bank, service provider or company with which we have already been in contact before.

That is why one must be very careful and before giving one’s data or possibly sending money, one must carefully make sure that one is not victim of a scam.

We have already made the necessary complaints against the perpetrators known to us, the proceedings are in progress by the police.

Several of them have been eliminated, but there are still pages that we have not been able to disable and identify the creator. We contacted foreign market leading pellet companies that are facing with the same problem.

We urge everyone to continue to exercise extreme caution.

Pellet Hungary Kft. communicates exclusively from e-mail addresses coming from the domain!

In any case, you should also check whether you really received a message from this web address — If not, then scammers trying to contact you instead of Pellet Hungary!

If you would like to contact us, please use one of our contact details on our website. (

They are as follows:

information and ordering: +3630 237 4180 or: ,

The account provider bank of Pellet Hungary Kft. is OTP Bank (OTPVHUHB).

Our account numbers:

11742252-25543692 (HUF)

11742252-25545340 (HUF)

IBAN: HU95-1176-3426-8177-6889 (EUR)

In the case of scammers, the possibility of meeting in person is excluded! However, you can visit our company in person at any time if you want to make sure that you are really in contact with Pellet Hungary Kft. Every Monday there is a release of goods at our premises.

Based on our experience, the targets were usually foreign individuals, but if you have any negative experiences send it to us, any evidence is a great help when it comes to the investigation aspect.

Feel free to contact us at our contact details, even in person! Be careful and wary, you can count on us in everything!

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