Project under identification number of PM_KOMPLEK_KKV_2020_A1/3 to support the acquisition of equipment and improve the site conditions of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in districts of Cegléd, Nagykáta, Nagykőrös and Szob classified as beneficiary of Pest county.

The PELLET Hungary Industrial, Commercial, Service and Consulting Limited Liability Company, with the support of HUF 25,000,000 from the Ministry of Finance, has started the implementation of its project entitled “Complex timber investment at the site of Pellet Hungary Kft. in Cegléd”.

The overall objective of the planned project is to strengthen the economic performance of Pellet Hungary Kft. and to improve its growth and employment potential. The strategic objective of the project is to increase the production-manufacturing capacity of Pellet Hungary Kft., with a modern base. Our company achieves its medium-term development goal with the production equipment purchased and put into operation.

As a result of the development, the current number of employees (25 people) can be retained, and at least 3 additional employees will be hired.


Within the framework of the planned complex technological investment, 1 woodworking cutting machine, 1 woodworking grinder, 2 woodworking conveyor systems, 1 BIG-BAG filling stand with scale and 1 cyclone dust extraction system will be procured and put into operation. As a result of the planned project, we expect a significant increase in our production efficiency.

Our site of 2.2 ha floor area serving as the location of the project is at 22. Kosárhegyi Rd., Cegléd, 2700. Plot no.: Located at 1646/7, our site is located in the north of the city of Cegléd in an industrial-economic zone classified as Gip, about 1 km from the exit of the M4 motorway and the 311 main road.

The planned implementation period of the project is 10 months.

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