Pellets are 100% organic granules made from sawdust remaining as a final product of the sawmill industry. Due to its excellent calorific value, it is an extremely widespread fuel. Its advantage is that it is extremely cost-effective to use and with it you protect your environment!

The pellet produced by our company is a granule made entirely of wood raw materials and is produced by high pressure pressing. During its production, we process the sawdust generated in our plant, thus improving the overall utilization rate. Its calorific value is excellent, which makes it a highly efficient fuel. By automating pellet burner heads and pellet boilers, a continuous, uniform combustion with 95% efficiency is easily achieved.

ENplus A1

From pine sawdust

Premium quality wood pellet with minimal ash content. From debarked light spruce. It is especially ideal for heating fixed grate pellet fireplaces and pellet stoves. Accredited by the internationally recognized certification body ENplus, in the highest available category A1.


Gross price: 124 Ft/kg

Net price: 97,64 Ft/kg

Pack sizes:


From pine and poplar sawdust

Granules made from a mixture of 70% pine and 30% poplar. With minimal ash content. Especially ideal for mobile grate pellet boilers.


Gross price: 89 Ft/kg

net price: 70.08 HUF/kg

Pack sizes:


For pets

Universal litter for pets made of poplar pellets. Made exclusively from wood raw material, does not contain any added harmful binding agent. Perfect for deodorization, as well as absorption.


Gross price: 490 Ft/bag

Pack sizes:

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