We cut into a big tree!

Our company has reached another milestone, as we have expanded our portfolio with one more activity. In addition to pallet elements, we are now also engaged in the sale of wooden pallets, thanks to which we were able to expand our wide range of products.

Wooden pallets are the most widespread because, in addition to being many times more environmentally friendly than those made of plastic, they can also be repaired and recycled, making them the most environmentally conscious.

We undertake pallet elements and pallets manufactured from them according to different needs, adapted to many types of load capacity, of high-quality domestic pine and poplar n raw materials, as well as second-class products.

Thanks to the professional experience of our colleagues over 20 years and our world-class quality Italian machines, our production line is capable of processing more than 100 m3 of material per day.

We undertake the production and sale of individual pallets, standard sizes, various pallet risers on demand. However, we can only undertake disposable pallets and individual sizes in large quantities! Price may vary depending on quantity and quality!

In case of any questions please contact our colleagues.

„Save the Planet, buy the Pellets!”

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