Why is a pellet boiler good?

Pellet heating has many advantages, and it is extremely difficult to compete with it even in terms of renewable energy sources. The wood transformed into “liquid” has made it possible to heat our homes with wood-fired renewable energy, as a result of which it is enough to check our boiler every week. And thanks to today’s innovations, we can do all this via phone, at the touch of a button.

A boiler of sufficient quality has an extremely high efficiency, which makes its calorific value excellent. It is excellent for heating hot water central systems, providing full heat supply to houses, halls or other facilities, all year round. Burning pellets with a boiler does not increase the greenhouse effect, so you can also protect your environment! An alternative to consider in a country that depends more than 80% on foreign sources for oil and natural gas.

Based on current data and calculations, if you replace your gas heater with pellet heating, the cost of the replacement will pay off for you in 5 years! It is not for nothing that pellet heating is one of the most widespread heating alternatives in neighboring Western countries. As an example, it is enough to mention Italy, where hundreds of thousands of people are heating using this method.

Protect your environment, heat with pellet boilers sold by Pellet Hungary Kft., and be committed to using the greenest energies! Our automatically controlled burner head reverts to an environment- and wallet-friendly stage once the desired temperature is reached.

If you choose us, our company offers full installation, service, raw material supply and consulting. Ask our colleagues for help, they will design, install and maintain your boiler, and all you have to do is enjoy the comfort in the warmth of your home!

„Save the Planet, buy the Pellets!”

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