The history of Pellet Hungary Kft. began in Cegléd, and over the past few years we have grown from a small, local company to one of the key players of pellet production in Hungary.

All this is due to the dynamic development that began in 2019, preceded by a change of ownership. Since then, Pellet Hungary has achieved a number of significant milestones, setting new and new goals for itself.

Our success story could not have been realized without continuous innovations and improvements, as these are necessary to always provide our customers with the best quality available. We are satisfied when we meet the expectations of our partners to the maximum and when our customers experience the countless benefits of renewable energy with our help.

The profile of our wood processing company consists mainly of the production of pellet boilers, as well as the manufacture of wood pellets and sawn timber. Our products are sold both in Hungary and in many European countries.

Since the pellet itself is an environmentally friendly product, the protection of our environment is of paramount importance to us. We take care to reduce the burden on our environment during pellet production, so we use 100% of the final products produced in our sawmill, thus minimizing our ecological footprint.

We are proud of our achievements and the figures associated with them! Starting from the bottom up, we keep in mind the continuous measurability and transparency. This not only ensures transparency for our clients, but it is also extremely beneficial for our company. After all, with the data, we can successfully optimize our resources and energy usage.

We believe that with our innovative solutions, impeccable quality, environmentally friendly products and many years of expertise, we can contribute to a more livable, safer tomorrow, as well as a much more lovable, harmonious homes, to the satisfaction of our customers!

Pellet Hungary in figures

Our company places special emphasis on exploiting the potential of renewable energy sources, minimizing our ecological footprint and reducing the greenhouse effect as effectively as possible.

We constantly strive for accurate measurability, so that over time, the figures faithfully reflect our achievements!

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Social responsibility

The pellet produced by our company is a granule made entirely of wood raw materials and is produced by high pressure pressing. During its production, we process the sawdust generated in our plant, thus improving the overall utilization rate. Its calorific value is excellent, which makes it a highly efficient fuel. By automating pellet burner heads and pellet boilers, a continuous, uniform combustion with 95% efficiency is easily achieved.


We are committed to protecting our environment, which is why we use 100% of the final products produced in the sawmill in the production of pellets, taking care to minimize our ecological footprint.


Our team is constantly looking for new, innovative solutions. Starting from the bottom up, we keep in mind the continuous scalability and transparency so that we can successfully optimize resource and energy usage in every process.


We strive to optimize our material usage by maximizing the processing of by-products generated during our work, thus reducing the amount of “waste” and the ecological footprint of our business.


We make pellets from the final product left over during pallet production using the most state-of-art machinery on the market.

The Pellet Hungary team


Office Assistant

“My office work is varied and diverse. As part of this great team, I am delighted to be able to work effectively with my colleagues every day.”



“I like my job because it’s where I can achieve my full potential and my colleagues are open to innovation.”


Site Manager

“We can produce value, above all, that’s what I like the most about my working days here.”


Machine operator

“It is motivating for me to be able to do my work on the highest quality machine lines every day.”


Team Leader

“For me, precise work and the possibility of continuous improvement are the most important. That’s why I love being a part of this great community.”


Our security guard colleague

“My best job ever, my boss wants to keep me in the mood every day.”

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