European Bioenergy Future 2023 Conference

Pellet Hungary Kft. participated in the conference “European Bioenergy Future 2023” in Brussels. We gained not only valuable experience, but also an important certificate. 

Our company has obtained the certificate of “Quality Manager” training and continues to employ a full-time quality inspector in order to guarantee the highest quality of the pellets we produce.

At the international conference held in Belgium, only Pellet Hungary was represented from Hungary, where our staff exchanged valuable experiences with quality inspectors of leading pellet manufacturers in Europe, and participated in a full-day training course, where they acquired useful information on pellet quality standards.

The manufacturer’s ENplus® certificate obtained by Pellet Hungary Kft., and the quality inspector with outstanding expertise guarantee that the wood pellet produced by us will always be in accordance with the standards and that the purchased fuel will provide the same high quality to our customers year after year.

In our internal laboratory, we take samples every shift and check that, among other things, the moisture content, bulk density, dust content, diameter and length of the pellet be the most ideal. And in an external laboratory, the ash content and calorific value of the pellet is examined.

At the conference, presentations and discussions were conducted on many important issues that fundamentally affect our future. Among others, renewable energies, the future of biomass, changes in world market trends and the reduction of energy prices were discussed.

In the following, we are happy to participate in professional conferences and exhibitions that affect our future and our quality of life, as we consider it extremely important to provide diversified and constantly renewed expertise in addition to high quality. 

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