We started selling spruce pellets

Our company launched its first high-quality wood pellet product on May 1st. Wood pellets are currently one of the best efficient wood fuels in the world, made from a by-product produced during the processing of barked pine bark. Our pellets are specially recommended for pellet fireplaces and stoves. Its ash content is extremely low (0.5%), which makes your boiler require minimal cleaning.

With its help, you also protect your environment, as the pellet is made from wood by-product, sawdust, so no wood needs to be cut down directly for its production. In addition, it is neutral as an energy source, since the carbon dioxide captured during the growth of the tree is equal to the carbon dioxide emitted when the pellets are burned, thus not increasing the greenhouse effect.

As a team of Pellet Hungary, we are constantly working to ensure that the premium quality fuel produced by us be available in all parts of the country. Our products can currently be purchased at our site in Cegléd, and soon we will also provide free delivery to our customers in the agglomeration.

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„Save the Planet, buy the Pellets!”

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