Pellet Hungary Kft., obtained a globally recognized certificate

Pellet Hungary Kft. considers high quality to be its key priority. Nothing proves this better than the fact that the company now has the “A1 ENplus®” certificate, which is an internationally recognized certificate in the field of wood pellet production.

The “A1” rating indicates the pellet that meets the highest premium criteria, and the A2 rating indicates compliance with the lightened standards.

ENplus® certificate guarantees outstanding quality, which is recognized around the world, from production to storage and delivery.

The certificate has a history of more than ten years. In 2011, the ENplus® certificate could and to this day can be obtained by meeting standards higher than the European quality requirements of the time and this Today, with more than 1,200 certified companies, it is the world’s leading wood pellet quality certification system.

The organisation issuing the certificate is an independent body which carries out the tasks related to the awarding of the certification in a completely impartial manner, taking into account only professional aspects. An ENplus® certified wood pellet must meet a number of quality standards.

Pellets are tested not only by their length or diameter, they are also subjected to several other important inspection procedures. Examples include mechanical durability, bulk density, moisture content, ash content or calorific value. The manufacturer’s ENplus® certificate obtained by Pellet Hungary Kft., which is the best and most complete of the certificates, guarantees impeccable quality in the long term which must be checked after each production process in the internal inspection laboratory set up specifically for this purpose.

It certifies that the raw material is processed from the controlled supply chain and that stakeholders can ensure the responsible management of risks through due diligence checks on their own activities and those of their trading partners. This minimizes the risk of illegally harvested timber being placed on the EU market (

When buying pellets, it is extremely important to buy products only from a reliable manufacturer, as this can reduce the risk of buying products from illegal logging and drastically increases the life expectancy of our boiler/fireplace/stove. A certified product guarantees that the buyer, year after year, receives the same quality. It is worth noting that the certificate can also be abused, precisely in order to avoid this, the international trade union has created an official information forum where buyers can check first-hand the authenticity, the validity of the certificate of the seller of the purchased product. It can be done on the following website:

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us — we are happy to help you.

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