The club of the future has chosen the fuel of the future!

In the season 2023—2024, we became the main shirt sponsors of the Zalaegerszeg Football Club!

Last year’s Hungarian Cup winner already ran out on the field on the international cup matches in an outfit with our logo, and does so throughout the season.

We believe it is important that in the coming years we do everything we can for a greener, healthier tomorrow. And sport also plays a huge role in this!

We fully can and want to identify with the values represented by the sports association nicknamed as the club of the future. Collaborations on the part of various companies, associations and enterprises are needed to create a more viable vision of the future, from amateur sports lovers to top athletes.

Protecting the environment and creating a greener future has always been of paramount importance to the management and employees of Pellet Hungary Kft. That is why we produce pellet boilers and pellets, since the use of pellets is CO₂ neutral, thus also reducing the greenhouse effect.

The cooperation is also extremely important for Pellet Hungary Kft., because they believe that sport is one of the foundations of a healthy life. As the saying goes – a healthy mind in a healthy body!

And top-class sport is an extraordinary motivational example for the future generation. That is why it is a great pleasure that we can contribute to a healthier future by supporting one of Hungary’s most popular sport, the football.

We wish ZTE FC good luck and good health to all our customers!

„Save the Planet, buy the Pellets!”

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