Pellets are 100% organic granules made from sawdust left over from the sawmill industry. Its excellent calorific value makes it a very common fuel. It has the advantage of being extremely cost-effective to use and helps you protect the environment.



Our company manufactures pallets from high-quality, domestic aspen and pine raw materials. We also produce pallet elements in different sizes according to our customers’ requirements.


The pellet boilers sold by Pellet Hungary Kft. offer the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to various conventional heating systems. Their biggest advantage is that they can be used without any intervention to ensure a constant and desired temperature.


More than 100 m3 of sawed logs per day.
More than 300 m3 of sawdust pressed daily.
More than 1500 pallets produced per day.

Market leader in environmental awareness

No unprocessed product.
100% of all materials are sold as finished products.
Pellet heating is the most environmentally friendly wood-burning technology, burning it does not increase the greenhouse effect.


We export more than 66.6% of our products.
We sell our products in many countries in Europe.
More than 500 m3 of finished goods sold as export goods.

Local patriotism

We employ only local staff, currently 30-40 people.
We buy 100% of our raw materials from domestic suppliers, thus stimulating the Hungarian economy.


We can make any pallet according to the Customer’s requirements.
Wooden boxes, pallet racks, if required.
Damaged pallets can be repaired to increase their lifetime.