pellet home delivery


Once a month, on the last working day of each month, residential pellet orders over 500 kg are delivered within a 70 km radius of our place of business in Cegléd. We do not deliver pellets over this distance. When delivering the products, our colleagues can help you unload by the crane truck within 5 metres!

The service is only valid for the ordered pellets products in quantities of over 500 kg on our website.


Delivery price list:

Distance Gross price
0-15 km 14.859 Ft
16-30 km 29.718 Ft
31-40 km 39.624 Ft
41-70 km 69.342 Ft

The delivery charge is for one pallet of goods, each additional pallet of goods plus 3.000 HUF gross per pallet.
The prices do not include the price of the pallets required for transport. The price for a one-way pallet which is HUF 3.970 gross.
Delivery can also be made on replacement pallets, accepted sizes: 900×1200 mm, 1000×1200 mm or EUR pallets.

(Distance is not as the crow flies.)

For more information, please contact us.



Consultation in advance before personal delivery:

  • Every MONDAY between 8 AM – 1 PM
  • Place of business: Kosárhegyi str. 22, HU 2700 Cegléd
  • Available amount: from 15 kg to 5 pallets