About us


Pellet Hungary Kft. is a dynamically developing company based in Cegléd, which has been a key player in the Hungarian wood industry since the change of ownership in 2019. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality, meeting their expectations to the maximum and introducing them to the world of renewable energy.

Our company deals with wood processing. Our profile is mainly the production of pellet boilers, wood pellets and pallet elements. We sell our products in Hungary and in many countries of Europe.

We are committed to protecting our environment and therefore, in the production of pellets, we use 100% of the end products from the sawmill, thus taking care to minimise our ecological footprint.

Our team is constantly looking for new, innovative solutions. From the ground up, we focus on continuous measurability and transparency to successfully optimise resource and energy use in every process.

Why choose us?

“Pellet Hungary Kft. produces pallets and pellets of impeccable quality thanks to its machinery and experienced professionals. And from a professional point of view, it is particularly commendable that they are so committed to environmental awareness!”

Gábor Jakab – woodworking engineer

“Our company has been associated with the Pellet Hungary team for many years. They have been extremely precise and helpful in our work with them. We are completely satisfied with both their products and services.”

Zsolt Árva Managing Director/Owner – Árva József Kft.

“Since we have been buying the wood pellets used in our boiler from Pellet Hungary Kft., we have always received a good quality product from them on time and exclusively. We can only recommend them to everyone!”

Jenő Mohácsi – residential customer