The club of the future has chosen the fuel of the future

10. 10. 2023.

We became the jersey sponsor of the Zalaegerszeg Football Club for the season of 2023–2024.

Last year’s Hungarian Cup winner has already played in the jerseys, displaying our logo in the international cup games and will continue to display it throughout the whole season.

It is our priority to do our best in the upcoming years for a more environmentally friendly and healthier future, and sport has a significant role in this challenge!

We fully identify with the values represented by the team also called as the club of the future. We need cooperations between companies, associations and businesses that help creating a more livable future equally for amateur sport lovers and leading sportsmen.

The executives and employees of Pellet Hungary Kft. have always prioritized the protection of the environment and the creation of a greener future. This is why we produce pellets boilers and pellets, as pellet usage is CO₂ neutral thus also reduces the greenhouse effect.  
This collaboration has a great importance for Pellet Hungary Kft. because we are confident that sport is one of the main foundations of a healthy life. As the saying goes: A sound mind in a sound body!  

Professional sport is a motivational example for future generations. This is why it is an utmost pleasure that by supporting one of the most popular sports in Hungary, football, we also contribute to a healthier future. 

We wish the best of luck for ZTE FC and good health for all our customers!

“Save the Planet, buy the Pellets!”